Tote bags have become one of the trendiest items you can wear for all kinds of women, from students to housewives and professionals, this is definitely a must-have in every lady’s wardrobe. Now, saying this is an accessory is actually an understatement these days. We can say that a bag is a fundamental part of our look and an important tool, since we  use them to carry most of the things we use in our daily lives. Buying a new bag is an investment in your day to day performance and ultimately in your well being, but we understand that you don’t necessarily want to break your bank when making this purchase. For this reason, we have brought to you this guide, here we will show you five examples of beautiful, useful bags that you can buy to rock a femenine style.

1. Pastel Pink Apollo 1 Tote Bag

Firstly, you should bear in mind the type of use you will be giving to your purse. This amazing design works incredibly if you are a college girl who is looking for a comfortable, versatile book tote bag. You can also wear it for work and even if you want to shop around while carrying your stuff around, with this accessory you will rock a sexy and sophisticated look in the streets. We chose pastel pink because it is a good classic that never fails, however there are several other colors on the online shop to choose from.

2. Coach Willow Leather Tote

A simple, classy tote bag is always a good idea. It has a convenient price if  you take into account the very high quality, and one thing is for sure, you will have enough space to bring all your essentials with you without looking awkward. The compartments make it possible to transport devices like your laptop. It’s great to use it daily.

3. Marc Jacobs The Tote Bag

This purse has a structure that makes it a great option for activities like traveling, because you can rest assured that you will have a good organization as well as enough space. You can find this bag in neutral colors, a good benefit is that if you don’t need it at a certain point when traveling, you can simply fold it down inside your suitcase, saving space.

4. Michael Kors Large Jet Set Travel Tote Bag

If you are making your purchase on a budget, we have great news for you. This designer bag can be yours spending a relatively small amount of money. This bag has a nice femenine style, the size is large and it is made out of nylon. This is your reminder that looking good can be affordable.

5.Medea Gradient-Effect Tote Bag Few things are as cute as a tiny tote bag, this gorgeous item will add a girly touch to your look. You can wear it for work or any social event. However, our suggestion is to use it when hanging out in town or going for a coffee with your friends. Just keep in mind that you need to carefully select what you take, as the space will be limited.

By Manali

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