Event marketing has changed. The pre-pandemic world of exciting trade shows, business events, and conferences are long gone. Thankfully, face-to-face events and business meetups are slowly coming back. Event marketers must prepare to re-enter the world of trade shows, business events, and conferences.

That means having high-quality marketing tools in your arsenal. The role of event marketers in the post-pandemic world is much more complex. Using old, low-quality marketing tools could lead to several negative consequences. Canopy tents have always been high-quality marketing tools for business leaders.

These tents enhance brand visibility at events and provide shelter to target customers outside stores, showrooms, etc. But, are your company’s canopy tents still worthy of use? Or, do they need post-pandemic upgrades? Low-quality tents will reflect poorly on your brand. Run-down canopy tents are also harder to set up and pose safety risks for operators.

Does your customized canopy tent need replacing, or can it be used for a few more months? Use this guide to determine your tent’s quality.

How Long Do Canopy Tents Last?

A high-quality canopy tent with durable aluminum frames and sturdy fabrics will easily last for ten years or more. However, usage and environmental factors may cause your tents to wither away in quality a lot sooner. While reviewing the health of your canopy tents, ask these questions –

  • What seasonal or weather-related issues did the tent endure?
  • How much wear and tear did your canopy tents endure while you were setting them up at different events?
  • Does your tent’s fabric have tears?
  • Does your tent’s frame have rust?

Answers to these queries will clarify whether your tent is usable or not. To get even clearer answers, look for these three common signs of tent damage on your canopy tents –

  1. Holes

Canopy tents made of durable fabrics like vinyl don’t pick up too many holes. When they do, the holes are relatively tiny. These holes appear due to the tent’s fabric coming in contact with sharp objects. For instance, if you roll or drag your tent on rough terrains, the tent fabric’s surface will pick up micro-holes.

Look for such holes while installing your canopy tents. Look for small rays of light on your canopy tent’s ceiling walls. Two or three holes are fine. But, when the tent is unable to block out any light because of the holes – it’s time for a replacement.  

  1. Moisture Damage

All canopy tents are prone to moisture damage. When moisture penetrates your canopy tents, it creates a treacherous type of mold. This mold discolors the interior regions of the tent. Unfortunately, mold outbreaks in canopy tents are hard to reverse. Unless the mold damage is minimal, consider buying replacements.

  1. Rust

Canopy tents with aluminum frames don’t experience rust-related issues. So, this problem only applies to canopy tents with steel frames. Rust on tent frames can have devastating effects on the tent’s structural integrity and overall functionality. Replace such tents with tents that have rust-resistant aluminum frames.

Tent repairs are impractical and not long-lasting. If you spot either of these three signs of tent damage, buy replacements!

By Manali

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