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Skating doesn’t just mean jumping, jumping and pulling. Doing so will kill you. It is important to understand that you have some skating equipment that you need to get rid of jumping.

That’s right- this is not about me.

When you think about it, slipping is a really important part of your life. You have to remember that slipping is not a joke. You need every tool you can to make sure you enjoy the experience and stay alive.

Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting:

1) Parachute – Who is stupid in parachute skating? Skydiving jumpsuits is not a dive – you have to make sure you land safely, right? After getting a parachute, you will need professional help. Most skating rinks offer certified and regularly tested equipment. With this option, buying your own sauce is cheaper and safer.

2) Jumping clothes – You can’t jump with jeans and a t-shirt. You need to jump. What’s so significant about a jump suit? Well, at least you didn’t go down without explaining yourself first. You are facing strong winds and other forces of nature. So be careful. A good jump will help protect your body from harsh weather and protect your clothes from the wind.

A good jumpsuit also protects you when you fall. Repeated sliders stop the jump. A good jump suit protects you from scratches and cuts on the floor.

3) AAD – This automatic activation device is one of the most essential parts of the skiing diving equipment you need. This device sends your parachute when you can’t do it manually. AAD works by determining the speed of descent. By checking that the landing speed matches the forecast, AAD can detect that you have opened the injury correctly. If not, AAD will automatically release Assistant Chat or your backup chat. This device, of course, saves lives.

4) Altimeter – If you are on the highway, be sure to open the parachute at a certain height. Delay it, your parachute may not be slow. Open it quickly, as severe weather can cause cracks in the roof. The ultimatum will tell you if this is the right time to send an injury. If you jump at night, the ultimatum will work your eye and indicate that you are about to hit the ground.

5) Storage accessories – Of course you should have helmets, pads and other types of storage. The helmet is the basic protector you can get, but you have to be careful about the spinal cord protector. This skate protects the spine if it falls from the sky.

So, copy … you left the first tandem. You will be amazed. You can’t even think what you want. what’s next? Another slip, of course. Lots of exercise. In the end, you go it alone! Wait, these guys are colorful costumes, lots of cool hats and cool accessories, like flash, and you’re stuck in big casual wear and you can see yourself wearing ugly leather hats and gizmos! ! There is only one solution. Buy your own skydiving equipment. Now we are not talking about your sliding plane. It would be a little radical. You don’t have to buy a parachute system right now.

If you are going to survive, breathe and slide until old age, you will need your jumpsuit and a few other pieces. If you have your own items, you can get the color you want and all the accessories. Besides, that’s all. So what equipment does Skydiver need?

Nice to hear you Let’s talk about your jump first. It all depends on personal preference. Color, style, fit and price. You should look at the modern discipline of modern skating, also called “belly flying” (also called sky diving formation (FS) or comparative work (RW) freeflying, sometimes vertical sliding (VFS)). There are clothes, but the good thing is the free fly suit, if you have drawers in it.

By Manali

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