Handbags are an essential item for many women. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that handbags are important to women both as an aesthetic fashion accessory and a convenient place to keep your vital, everyday items. 

As a fashion accessory, a handbag can really bring your entire look together. It isn’t all about designer brands though. Finding cheaper yet quality products is a great option, but whether you decide on brand giants like Hermès and Louis Vuitton, up-and-coming brands such as Tubici, or even pre-loved handbags, what matters most is that it’s both functional and fits your personal fashion taste.

Why Handbags are So Great


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It goes without saying how awesome it is to have your favorite handbag handy. In addition to holding your most important everyday items, the right handbag is able to elevate your outfit to another level. What may seem like a classic, old-school coat and dress can evolve into a super stylish outfit with the perfect handbag to re-envision the look. There are many types to choose from but the best handbag style is the one you decide to love.

7 Handbags that Work with Anything

With almost infinite options of handbags to choose from, by their designs, styles, and brands as well as the different shapes and sizes of bags, finding the right one might seem like a difficult choice but there’s nothing to stress over because these handbags are sure to look great with outfit choice.

  1. Tweed Handbags

The tweed handbag is a great accessory for the winter season. Being made completely out of wool, tweed bags are perfect for the late months of the year. Tweed handbags bring a warm and comfy feel to the cool environment this season and can pair perfectly with your fall and winter outfits. But don’t let the warm convenience of the tweed bag limit you to cold seasons though, you can honestly pair it with any of your favorite formal or semi-formal clothing choices.

  1. Suede Handbags

Keeping up with the warm feel, suede handbags are the best at combining style and comfort. This fall handbag trend is the perfect option for this season. The suede material is great at enhancing any simple outfit to a stylish one by being a stand-out accessory due to its bold appearance and thick shade of colors.

  1. Top-handle Bags


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The top-handle bag is one of the great timeless classics. Top-handle bags are usually seen as the trendsetters of fashion accessories because of the innovative and stylish ways designers have created them throughout the years. With all the shapes, sizes, different color combinations from plain and simple to complex artistry, there surely is a top-handle bag for every outfit. Pairing your clothes with a top-handle bag depends on your personal fashion taste, but there is truly no shortage of options when it comes to the top-handle bag. 

  1. Crossbody bag


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Being described simply by its name, the crossbody bag has a strap that usually runs from over your shoulder, through the middle of your chest, and to the back of your hip. Usually smaller than your classic shoulder bag, the crossbody bag does a great job of emphasizing your figure by allowing your natural curves to stand out. One of the best casual accessory options that will definitely fit all your essentials.

  1. Satchel bag


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The satchel bag is the best choice when you are out and about or working outside and is another one of the timeless classics popularized in the 17th century. This vintage handbag is a great practical option, originally made for carrying books, it can fit all your important items while still looking chic at work. 

  1. Tote bag


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Tote bags are the ultimate answer when you’re contemplating storage and style. They can come in many different materials and fabrics but are always the go-to option for carrying a lot of items on a daily basis. A great addition to your bag collection, tote bags can be a much-needed relief to your concerns with fashion and efficiency.

  1. Monogram Handbags


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Finishing off our list, we have the monogram handbags. Monograms are the stylized designs of one or two letters that are usually derived from a person’s initials. These are notably the high-end bags from luxury brands, none as well known for their monogram as Louis Vuitton. One of the many reasons why people flock to these designer brands is because they are both iconic as a fashion piece and versatile as an accessory but monogram handbags don’t necessarily have to cost you thousands of dollars.  Find the right monogram handbag for you regardless of the brand. Handbags have the power to enhance your look, and having a stylish monogram handbag is the best choice for that statement look.

Fall Handbag Trends 2021

It wouldn’t be right to send it off without talking about the best handbags for this season. We’ve already mentioned two of them, suede which is never out of style as a fall handbag trend. The other is the tweed handbag, being made of wool, making it a great option for this time of year.  


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Another handbag trend this fall is the slouchy clutch. The clutch handbag, as the name implies, is meant to be held on to and does not come with a handle or strap. The slouchy clutch comes in an unusual shape, often designed to slouch two points on the bag. These were made to be a uniquely stylish answer to fall fashion accessories. 


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The frame bag is another classic handbag style gaining new popularity this season. Frame bags are made to appear in a definite shape and can embolden your look by being a standout accessory. 

The Right Handbag for You

Handbags are an essential item for women everywhere and no matter what type, style, or brand you decide on, what is most important is that you truly like your bag. The right handbag is one you feel happy to bring around with you for almost anything. A good handbag can go a long way and can help you look and feel the best you can be.

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