The roof is regarded to be an important part of the house therefore, if you see anything that looks unusual, then you should check it out for it. 

A whole lot of people see the roof as that part of the house that might not need to be touched, but it should be because it serves a great purpose in the home. You should check out south Dublin roofing if you want to know more about this.

Do you want to check some signs that it is time to change your roof? Stay glued to this article to find the signs you need to change your roof.

9 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Roof

High energy bills

Have you noticed that your energy bills have been going up lately? What do you think would be the cause of this? Your roof has a hand in it. Your roof is supposed to help you save money on energy bills. If things now go the other way around, then there is a need to replace the roof because it is not doing its job.


When you start to notice curls on your shingles, or you start to see that they are getting bent or worn out on the edges, then it is time to change. If it keeps taking this shape, then there is a possible chance that it will spread to every angle of the shingle and cause damage to it. So it is better to act before it gets out of hand.

Large ice droplets

You shouldn’t don’t have large ice droplets on your shingles. If you find out that the ice droplets on your roof shingle start to form very large, you should consider changing the roof. 


Molds are more like large ice droplets. They shouldn’t be found on the shingles. They normally should melt away, but when it does not happen like this, there is a chance of potential damage to your roof therefore, you should work on replacing the roof as soon as possible.

Absence of granules

Granules are rough surfaces that are found on shingles. When all of these granules start to break out, then there is a need for replacement. These granules tend to protect the shingle more, so if there is a break, the protection guarantee on the shingle is lessened.

Missing shingles

Shingles are known to be added protection against sunlight, rain, and ice droplets. If your shingles pull out, it is best to trace out the cause, and if it’s something serious, you should find a way of checking it out. If you find out that it is beyond just fixing it, then you should look at replacing your roof.

When the attic temperature is not the same as the outdoor temperature

Normally, the attic temperature is the same as the outdoor temperature. If, for example, the outdoor temperature is 20 F, then the attic temperature is supposed to be the same. 

When you discover that other people are changing theirs 

If you find out that the people with who you moved in together to the neighborhood have started changing their roof shingles, then there is a high probability that yours might need to get changed too. 

Light penetration

Light penetration is risky; if light can penetrate, water can also gain access into the home. This is an even worse situation, so you should not risk allowing it to linger for a long period of time. 

Additional note

Having seen all these, you have no reason not to replace your roof.

By Manali