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Many more people are working from home thanks to links from the internet and other digital innovations.  It can be oppressive to work in an environment that is too hot, and research shows that workers are more productive when working in an ambient temperature.  Your electrical equipment will also work more effectively if it is cooled down.  Computers, printers, and your IT equipment will all benefit from the cooled air that a home air conditioning unit provides.

So, home air conditioning units are a much more popular household item than ever before.  Like any other household appliance, a home air conditioning unit can break down.  It also needs regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance.   How are the best ways to approach ac repair Denver?  How often do we need to use air conditioning maintenance?  We will look at some of the options available so that you can get the most out of your unit.

Air conditioning services

If you have purchased your air conditioning system recently, it may be covered by a warranty.  In this case, the professional engineer will arrange a time to come to your home and check your unit over.  They can make recommendations about how to use your unit more effectively, and if necessary, replace any worn-out parts.  Warranties can be taken out for a number of years to ensure peace of mind, and to avoid paying out if your machine needs frequent repairs or services.

When purchasing a unit, you can purchase a regular servicing contract, perhaps annually, which will ensure that an engineer comes out regularly to service your machine.

You can find a company online if you do not have a contact at the company where you purchase the machine.  Many engineers will not charge a call-out fee, but only charge you for new parts.  Always check that the engineer has the necessary accreditation and qualifications.  Reputable professionals will be able to provide evidence of this and should offer a full guarantee of any parts they supply as part of the service they provide.

Your unit is more likely to need a service if it has been used more frequently.  Therefore, it is important to get regular servicing, as warm weather can encourage people to turn their units on and turn them up.  Any glitches in the system will soon be evident and engineers will be under pressure to answer emergency call-outs.  If you have been sensible enough to ensure your unit is regularly serviced, you are less likely to need to call an engineer out, as any problems will have been fixed or anticipated during the service.

It is always important to remember that your unit may not always function to its maximum capacity when the temperature is especially high.  During temperatures of over 100 degrees, the unit may not be able to reach your desired temperature, and no amount of servicing can rectify this issue.

Air conditioning maintenance

There are two main types of home air conditioning units and they both need regular maintenance.  The first type consists of a furnace and an air conditioning unit, the second has a heat pump which heats and cools.

Both types have an evaporator and a blower inside the unit and a condenser and compressor in the exterior unit. There are many components of an air conditioning unit that need regular maintenance.  The coils, fins and filters all need to be checked regularly, and need to be working efficiently if the unit is to function correctly.

Before you undertake any maintenance on your air conditioning unit, you must ensure that the power supply is cut off.

Filters need to be cleaned and changed regularly.  They can easily become clogged with dirt and if this happens the air flow will not be effective, and this can lead to damage in the coils as well.  If you replace the filter regularly, you will not only ensure that your unit works more efficiently, but you will reduce energy consumption as well.  Before the season when you most regularly use your air conditioning unit, it is wise to check your filter is clean, and keep checking it regularly thereafter.

If you have a machine that has reusable filters, they need to be cleaned rather than replaced.  A general rule is to clean the filter at least once a month for optimum performance.

The coil in the system will benefit from clean filters in the air conditioning system.  However, over time they will naturally gather dirt, especially if the unit is located outdoors.  Try and keep the area close to the coil as clean as possible and remove any debris as it collects.  Dust the area around the coil, and if you prefer, you can purchase a specialized coil cleaner to spray onto the coil.  You will need to spray this onto the coil, it will foam up and drip into the drain tray which you can then clean with soapy water or bleach and replace.   You can keep the drain clean by using a 50/50 solution of water and bleach and pouring it down the drain.  Or you can purchase a commercial drain cleaner to keep the drain free from algae.

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