Swiss watches have become popular because of their popularity, excellence in engineering, and beauty. Their watches are put together by master craftsmen and finished to meet world-class standards.   If you choose a Swiss luxury watch for women, you will be having a piece that shows elegance, status, and sophistication.

Here are the 4 best Swiss-made watches for women  

1. Tank Française

This is a small, quartz movement watch. This luxury Swiss watch has a steel case and octagonal crown with a synthetic-shaped spinel. Other features are silver grained dial and blue steel sword-shaped hands and sapphire crystal. The steel bracelet is another feature that makes this watch amazing to look at. The dimension of the case is superb, and measures 25 mm x 20 mm, and has a thickness of 6.15 mm.  One notable feature about this amazing watch for ladies is that it remains water-resistant up to 30 meters under the water.


This is one of the incredible watches that has earned superior reputation over time, and its named after a popular road race. Since 1963, this watch has been available to fashion enthusiasts and focuses on being both hard and fashionable. This is a watch for those who want to make loud statements, and they are available in diverse sizes that suit the varied tastes of many people. This line of watches have diameters that range from 29mm to 41mm, so you can have a  size that is perfect for your wrist. The innovative end ergonomic designs make it amazingly comfortable on the wrist.

3. Tank Française watch

The Tank Française watch-medium model is quartz-powered, with an attractive steel case and octagonal steel set that has got a synthetic cabochon-shaped spinel. Other features that this watch offer includes silver grained dial, steel bracelet, blue steel-shaped hands, and sapphire crystal… The dimension of the case is 30 mm x 25 mm and its thickness is 6.65 mm. It’s water-resistant up to the depth of 30 meters. The bold set that exists at the center of the bracelet, the curved base, and the attractive overall look make this lady’s watch a fantastic choice for every woman..

4. CARTIERTANK Française Watch

This small model with a fantastic quartz movement and a steel case make this watch a must-have for every woman. The beautiful steel case, an octagonal crown-set, and a cabochon-shaped spinel. Together with the silver grained dial are among the many excellent features that this Swiss watch offers. This watch is designed to be water-resistant up to 30 meters. Design-wise, it’s one of the most elegant and stylish watch options that you can find out there.


A  Swiss-made watch for women is among the most attractive timepieces out there. The above Swiss-made timepieces are special and have features that are seldom found in other watches. Simply, they are the best, and the wearer will enjoy the amazing level of craftsmanship that these luxurious and perfectly designed watches offer. The level of craftsmanship, engineering, and world-class finishing puts Swiss-made watches in a class of their own.

By Manali

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