When you try fixing broken glasses, the super glue that you are using may get onto the lens. Some lenses are plastic made, while others are made from glass. Depending on the material, there are cleaning methods that you cannot use. We present to you three methods below, so you should figure out which one among them works better for you.

1. Removing Super Glue Using Water

Using water to remove glue on your best blue light glasses is the safest method for those glasses that are coated. Almost every adhesive that exists out there can be softened using water. While it’s a time-consuming process, it might work perfectly. To get started you will need water, plastic wrap, a soft cloth, and dishwashing liquid.

Procedure to follow:

  • Mix ammonia-free dishwashing solution in water to make a solution.
  • Dip a soft cloth that is folded together in soapy water to make it wet and press it over the glue.
  • Wrap plastic wrap around the damp cloth to lock in the moisture.
  • Leave the glue to soak for at least three hours.
  • Wipe the softened glue using a damp cloth.
  • In case the cloth didn’t get soft, opt to use warm water, and press the cloth onto the super glue.
  • Resoak the cloth in water after every 15-20 minutes and put it back onto the glue.
  • Do this several times until you can soften the glue.
  • If this doesn’t work, consider using the next method.

2. Using Alcohol To Remove Super Glue on your Eyeglasses

This method is considered to be safe for both plastic as well as glass lenses. For those whose lenses have a coating, you must try this on one corner edge just to be sure that it does not cause damage to the coating. Among the things that you will need include a soft cloth, water, mild soap, razor blade, alcohol, and a soft cloth.


  • Moisten the soft cloth with the alcohol.
  • Rub off the glue gently using the damp cloth. Rotate the cloth to a new area as you continue removing the grease.
  • After you have removed the glue, clean the area with mild soapy water.
  • Wipe your lenses dry with clean soapy water to ensure that there are no watermarks present. This also ensures that the metallic parts don’t rust.

3. Removing Glue using Acetone

This method is considered to be effective for glass lenses only, and not plastic lenses. Start with the corner of your glass lenses just to be sure that no damage is caused to it. For glasses that don’t have a coating, using acetone is indeed the easiest method that you can use. You will require acetone, a soft cloth, water, mild soap, and a soft cloth.


  • Insert the cloth into the pure acetone to make it moist.
  • Rub the soft cloth on the mixture until when the glue is fully removed.
  • After fully removing the glue, clean the glass with mild soapy water.
  • After the lenses are clean, wipe them and ensure that no watermarks remain.

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