Do you drink? Well, let’s ask you in another way – Can you do without a drink? If yes, for how many days? If not, do you wish to have days without alcohol? If yes, then you may be a heavy drinker, but have a desire to stop drinking. 

If you again say “yes” to the above, then you are eligible for AA meetings in Seattle, Washington. The basic requirement to join these meetings is “the desire to stop drinking.” 

For many drinkers, simply attending such meetings is an achievement. It makes a difference. Joining a meeting is no guarantee that you will quit drinking. That, ultimately, depends on you. However, AA meetings give you a platform to be honest about your drinking habit, to introspect, to share your story, to learn from others, and to mingle with like-minded people.

…until, one fine day, you really, really, don’t want that drink! 

Alcoholics Anonymous helps you to live sober, to make peace with your drinking habit, and to be more productive without the need to go for a drink. 

Open meetings vs. closed meetings

Anybody can attend open meetings. You could be an alcoholic, a drug addict, a student, a homemaker, or simply an observer. You can be there and listen. Some meetings also let the attendees talk. 

Closed meetings are for alcoholics only. You must want to quit drinking to be a part of a closed AA meeting. 

Basic information about Alcoholics Anonymous meetings

Most meetings are for one hour. They can be shorter or longer too. Usually, a meeting commences with a prayer or a certain reading. Then there may be readings from the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

Thereafter, the meeting proceeds depending on its format. In a speaker meeting, somebody gets up and starts talking about their alcoholism and how they managed to fight it. It’s nice to listen to stories of achievement, of conquering over alcohol. 

Then there are discussion meetings where people discuss their habits, their problems, what holds them back in becoming sober, and so on. 

Honesty is a virtue in local AA meetings. However, not everybody finds it easy, to be honest about their drinking problem. And if somebody has a history of selling their possessions for buying alcohol or their loved ones leaving them due to their alcoholism, it becomes hard to share such stories in front of people. 

However, as you attend the meetings and observe people opening up, you, too, want to share your story. There’s no embarrassment here. This is because, as per the 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, “anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions.” 

Listening to stories and sharing your own story serves as therapy because you feel more relaxed in the situation. You realize the follies you made just to get a drink. Sharing your story in front of say 20 or 40 people gives you confidence. It makes you aware of your own self. And this is the first step towards de-addiction. 

In addition to meetings, a Sobriety Calculator can help you keep a tab on your sober days. 

When you are ready to accept your alcoholism, that’s when the chances of conquering it becomes stronger. Visit today and find a meeting near you. This can be a life-changing experience.

By Manali

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