The beer, wine, and liquor store businesses in New York aggregate to a market worth over $3 billion and are projected to be worth about $4 billion by 2024. That’s a substantial number for a state as small as New Jersey but it offers a general idea of how well the industry is doing. In fact, 2020-21 are the low points for growth in the industry if growth between 2014 and 2019 is anything to go by. This was the effect of the pandemic but things are looking up once again. If you are seeking liquor store business funding in New Jersey, you need not worry about the rejection of funding requests as long as you are dealing with alternative lenders. 

The pandemic has been a real downer for all kinds of businesses and not just the retail businesses or even the liquor store businesses. It is quite normal for all retail businesses to have much less cash flow on their account statements now than what they had before the pandemic. So, if you are looking for business loans in New Jersey to stock up the inventory of your liquor store, just approach an alternative lender. If you go to a mainstream lender, it would be a waste of your precious time because nine times out of ten, your loan application would be rejected there. 

Can any small business borrow from alternative lenders? 

The short and quick answer to that is yes, any small business can borrow from alternative lenders but you must also appreciate that no transactions can ever happen without conditions. So, while the funds are available for you, it is necessary that you have a running business with regular revenue. 

Surely, you ought to appreciate that this is the bare minimum eligibility required for a small business to access alternative funding in New Jersey. Else, what is the purpose of borrowing the money? Hence, you need to show the bank account statement of your business when applying for the loan. 

Are you running a legitimate liquor store? 

The liquor retail business comes under those categories of businesses that face more regulations because of its association with health hazards among others. Any lender would like to know if you have the necessary authorizations and certifications to sell the variety of liquor that you stock in your inventory. 

Although an alternative lending company may normally not ask for your authorizations and certifications for processing, you need to keep that ready just in case they do ask. If it turns out that you are selling one or more liquor products illegally, your funding agency could also face legal action along with you.  

Terms of lending are easy enough for you to be eligible 

The best part of borrowing from an alternative lender is that they offer unsecured funding to small businesses as the quantum of money involved is small. They won’t ask for any collateral from you to secure their risk. ​​You can get a hassle-free and quick merchant cash advance in New Jersey for your liquor store.  

The other advantage is that they won’t check your credit history because they will check your bank account statement of the last year to check your cash flow and revenue. If you are looking for alternative business funding near you that will process your funding request in more or less this manner, check out Alternative Funding Group by visiting

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