Just the name of the Seychelles brings up pictures of pristine beaches, palm trees, crystal clear oceans, sunset cocktails, boutique hotels in Seychelles, and five-star beach resorts. For honeymooners, celebrities, and billionaires, these islands offer a fabulous getaway. Is it possible to visit the Seychelles on a budget if your travel style is more like a backpacker?


While the Seychelles archipelago contains 115 different islands, most are deserted so you’ll have to pick between the three main islands, Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue.The largest is Mahé, which also houses the capital Victoria and the international airport of the Seychelles. Praslin is a tiny island that can be reached by airplane or boat, and from there you may take a ferry to La Digue, the tiniest, quietest, serene, and possibly most beautiful island in the archipelago. 

Because the islands are close together, it’s appealing to visit them all, but transport time and prices add up quickly, so if you just have a few days, it’s best to settle on one. The longer you stay, the cheaper your accommodation in the Seychelles becomes, thus staying in one place saves you money. 

Mahé is the most affordable island since it is the most accessible and the largest, which means there are more options for lodging and you can find the best Seychelles resort deals. Stick to Mahé if you only have a few days, however, if you have a week, you may simply travel between islands and explore a few different places.


It is the busy season in the Seychelles from December to January and from June to August, which means higher prices and advance booking are necessary to get the best Seychelles resort packages. The rainy season lasts from January to February, however, the weather is still pleasant and the rain showers are usually brief. If you don’t mind taking a shower, you can save money on your airfare and hotel but dont forget to carry some best mens drysuits which will protect you from such a weather.


If you are trying to save money in the Seychelles, you may ask where to stay in Seychelles? Look for either family-run guest houses that offer a good breakfast, or self-catering options like chalets, bungalows, and villas that you can cook your own meals in because hotels in the Seychelles can be pricey.

If you have something extra, choose to stay in Story Seychelles, This is the best beach resort in Mahe, Seychelles. Located near Beau Vallon Beach, one of Mahè’s most luxurious neighborhoods, it is just 10 minutes from Victoria (the capital), 5 minutes from Morne Seychelles National Park, and 20 minutes from Seychelles International Airport. You will be staying in a location that is close to the beach as well as the major tourist attractions.


Because La Digue is so small, most residents move around by bike or ox cart, with the exception of a few cabs. Because Mahé and Praslin are both larger islands, renting a car is the most convenient method to get about.

However, the best alternative is to take public transportation if you don’t want to rent a car or want to save money. Cycling on Mahé’s steep roads is difficult, and walking on the few pavements can be perilous. In Praslin and Mahé, the bus can be seen even on the smallest coastal roads. It covers over 40 routes across the island. Be careful to check the schedules because trips are not always frequent. The bus stops are easily identifiable because they are marked on the road, and one trip costs 6 rupees regardless of distance.


The Seychelles are renowned for their beaches since those are the best value on the islands. Even those in front of five-star resorts are available to the public on most beaches. As a result, you can go beach hopping all over the archipelago.

Since most of the beaches are usually accessible from the road, you don’t have to walk through the hotel grounds to get to it. Many beaches have off-road parking or you can park on the side of the road, and buses stop at most of them. Some beaches aren’t safe for swimming due to strong currents or are only safe at particular periods of the year, so check the warnings before going for a swim.

The magnificent Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue – reputed to be one of the most photographed beaches in the world – is the only exception to the free beaches. Because it’s in a National Park, the L’Union Estate coconut farm charges a 115 rupee ($5) entry fee for each person.

Read this to give you ideas on why you must go – Find out what makes the Seychelles Islands such a great destination to explore. 

Aside from the beaches, there are a few other budget-friendly activities to do in the Seychelles. Hikes can be taken along the coast or through Mahé’s mountainous interior. The coastal path from Beau Vallon to the isolated beach at Anse Major, as well as the steep climb up to Morne Blanc for stunning views out over Morne Seychellois National Park, are two of Mahé’s most popular hikes.

Mahé’s capital, Victoria, has a Natural History Museum and a Hindu temple, as well as the Botanic Gardens at Mont Fleuri, just outside the city, if the weather isn’t cooperating. The Takamaka rum distillery, which is open Monday through Friday for tours and tastings, is also located on Mahé.

You can go snorkeling or diving, take a boat trip to one of the deserted islands Curieuse, Cousin Island, or St Pierre, or see whale sharks from August to October. Check out Seychelles packages for these activities if you have more money to spend. 


Everything else, with the exception of fish and a few species of fruit and vegetables, must be imported into the Seychelles, resulting in a premium price. The Bazar Labrin, a Wednesday market in Beau Vallon (4 pm–8 pm) with freshly prepared delicacies like satay, grilled seafood, and coconut curry, is one of Mahé’s best bargains. Around the islands, you may also find cheap takeaways and food trucks that cater to locals and sell large portions of Creole food for under 100 rupees.

Self-catering allows for a more cost-effective vacation, combining meals out and beach picnics for lunch. The covered market in Victoria sells local fruit and vegetables, spices, and fresh seafood every day except Sunday. Along the road, you’ll also see people selling fish. It will also be great if you can find an all-inclusive Seychelles vacation package online so you don’t have to worry about overspending on food and drinks.

Around the islands, there are many little Indian-run supermarkets where you may get drinks and basic food items. Alternatively, Mahé has a couple of larger international supermarkets, a Co-op in the Eden Island area, and a large STC on the outskirts of Victoria. Neither are cheap because they sell many imported European products mostly from France.

If you have room in your luggage, bring a few food staples to get you started, such as noodles, breakfast cereals, coffee, and milk, and fill up on wine from duty-free before you come. Plant and animal goods are prohibited from entering the Seychelles, although up to two liters of wine and two liters of alcohol per person are permitted.

Seybrew beer and Takamaka rum are two locally produced alcoholic drinks and they are less expensive than imported beverages. These drinks can be purchased locally to save money.


Is it possible to travel to Seychelles on a shoestring budget? To some extent, yes. If you’re on a low budget, food and lodging may be difficult to come by. However, for roughly £80/$110 per person per day, you can go beach hopping and hiking, eat takeout, book an apartment, rent a car,  and sample some local beverages. Though it can be easy to overspend, it is a destination where staying within a budget is imperative, but it is worth it to experience a true taste of this island paradise.

By Manali