therapy group

Finding the right individual or group therapy can be challenging, especially during a global pandemic where mental health service demands are higher than ever before. Thankfully, a therapy group in Washington DC can help in providing a supportive environment where you can get counseling, improve your social skills, and even get insight on challenges that are troubling you. Read on for more information on how this fantastic group with a team of qualified professionals might be able to help you in a safe environment.

Matching You With the Right Therapist


Many people are reluctant to reach out to a therapist, therapy support group, or even a referral service simply because they don’t believe individual therapy can help them. They might think that all therapy groups are the same or that support groups won’t help their situation. Maybe they’ve worked with a clinician they haven’t bonded with in the past. Perhaps they’ve found their individual therapist to be a bad match for them. The reality is that it can be difficult to trust the process even after one bad experience.

The great news is that the qualified professionals through Therapy Group of DC understand the importance of finding the right psychologist, group members, support group, and therapeutic modality for every person. They understand that no two people or their struggles and challenges are exactly the same and even people with the same diagnosis will experience something like social anxiety or a mood disorder differently. For this reason, they work hard to set clients up with a great match and are perfectly okay with clients switching therapists when it doesn’t feel just right. If you’re struggling with your mental health, signs of depression, a behavior disorder, conflict, a relationship, grief, substance use, or something else, seek help today. Being transparent about your wants and needs when it comes to therapy will be a great first step.

Developing Coping Tools and Skills


The professionals at this therapy group believe in focusing on client strengths. They work with compassion when it comes to every client no matter what the situation. They also understand the difference between chemical and clinical depressions and the stressors that come with challenging life transitions or environments. If you’re like many people and experiencing depression as a result of the global pandemic, these psychologists can help give you tools and resources that will make dealing with anxiety, feelings of isolation, and grief easier.

Building Your Support System


DC Therapist group members also understand that part of mental wellness is having a solid natural support team. They will help you to identify the healthy supports in your life and encourage you to strengthen the relationships with people around you who are rooting for you. They can help you identify negative behavioral patterns and sharpen your support system so the people around you are contributing positively to your life. At the same time, these trained and licensed professionals will encourage you to define what you want for your life. They can help you create and achieve new goals and even replace old and negative habits with new and healthy ones.

In the end, engaging in self-care activities and surrounding yourself with support is a great first step in improving your mental health. By reaching out to trained professionals and finding the right therapist for you, you’ll be well on your way to learning new ways to manage stress, life transitions, conflict, intimacy issues, and more. Consider reaching out to the Therapy Group of DC to seek the support you need. You won’t regret it and you will likely thank yourself for it in the future.

By Manali