A garden hammock is a type of hammock that’s placed in the garden. These hammocks offer their users pure relaxation and they can easily become your favourite spot or go-to place anytime you want to spend time in your garden.

With summer on the way, there’s no better time to turn your garden (outdoor space) into your ultimate retreat. A place where you can go to relax, forget about your worries, and even get a good sleep while you are at it. The picture I just painted wouldn’t be complete without a garden hammock.

There are different types of garden hammocks, therefore in order to make a good decision when purchasing one, there are several factors to consider – six actually. In this blog post, I’ll be giving you 6 proven tips that have been offered by experts to help you pick the best garden hammock.

How to choose the best garden hammock

Tip 1: Location

Before purchasing a hammock of any kind the first thing to think about should be “where am I going to place it?”. In this case, since the hammock will be placed in the garden, then it means you’ll be purchasing a garden hammock.

Tip 2: Type of hammock

If garden hammocks are categorized based on the way they are suspended then there are primarily two types of garden hammocks. The type of garden hammock you should buy is usually determined by your garden’s features.

What does that mean? I’ll explain. The first type of hammock based on the suspension method is the traditional hammock. The traditional hammock is supported at the head and foot by a post or tree using a rope or cord. This means if your garden doesn’t have trees then you shouldn’t purchase the traditional hammock.

The second type is known as the self-standing or freestanding garden hammock. This type of garden hammock is made with a metal or wooden frame which acts as its support so it doesn’t require any external support. This type is best for gardens without strong support points.

Tip 3: Weight capacity

Depending on the need for buying the hammock, it could be just for you alone or for the entire family. Hence, the weight capacity of the hammock should be considered before buying one. The weight capacity is simply the weight the hammock is allowed to carry and anything above that could affect the hammock negatively. You can find the specific hammocks weight capacity on the manufacturer’s instruction.

Tip 4: Material

Do you want a garden hammock that’s fade-resistant and put up in a humid environment? Or you are probably looking for one comfortable and breathable. Whatever the case is, the material of the hammock plays a major role in giving you what you are looking for.

A garden hammock made from polyester material is durable, can survive in a humid environment, and are fade resistant. The features they possess makes them suitable for a majority of climates.

Hammocks made from cotton on the other hand are soft, breathable, and comfortable but they don’t do so well in rainy environments because they are not resistant to mildew or mould. So do well to factor in the type of material used when purchasing your garden hammock.

Tip 5: Design

After deciding on the type of material that should be on your garden hammock, the next thing is the design.

Garden hammocks come in different sizes and designs, so you are free to browse through quilted hammocks, handwoven hammocks, rope hammocks, etc. until you can find something that suits your sense of style and taste.

Tip 6: Special features

Many garden hammocks come with special features that offer additional benefits to their users. Some special features you can look out for include: preassembled parts, pillow, quick-dry materials, canopy, and ultralight materials.


Before purchasing a garden hammock make sure that you follow the tips outlined above because they’ll help you in selecting the best garden hammock for you and your garden. It’s even much easier to get one when you live in Australia. The best hammocks for sale Australia has to offer can be obtained in online and offline stores. If you don’t have any online shop recommendations then you should use mine, visit myhammocks.com.au

By Manali

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