Mosquito Larvae

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water which develop into larvae, and if left unchecked become adult insects. Many people concentrate on killing adult mosquitoes, but the best mosquito control method is to ensure that the source is eliminated.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, and within a short time, these eggs will grow to become blood-thirsty mosquitoes. So what should you do when you discover that mosquito larvae are available in stagnant pools in your compound?

Drain the water

Draining the water is the most obvious method of stopping the mosquito larvae from completing their lifecycle and becoming mature mosquitoes. Move around your property and check if there is any source of standing water. You can also check if there are puddles on your property, and if yes, and there was no rain recently, that’s an indication that you are watering your lawn excessively. Look for everything that is outside your home which creates a habitat where mosquito larvae can thrive.

Use larvicides

Larvicides are among the best mosquito control for yard that ensures that mosquito larvae are killed. Especially if you want to keep your water like a birdbath, applying larvicides will ensure that everything else dies, and leaves your water in a pristine condition. But ensure that your pets and other domestic animals don’t drink this water.

Apply vegetable oil

If you cannot drain the stagnant water, another way that you can opt for is to get some vegetable oil and spread it evenly on top of the pooled water. The reason here is that the oil will prevent the larvae from breathing, and lack of oxygen will kill them. Cinnamon oil and olive oil are other oil types that can work perfectly for this, so you can choose whichever is perfect for you.

Apply dish soap

Using dish soap provides an easy, yet the popular method of suffocating these blood-sucking insects. One drop of soap is adequate to treat an entire gallon of water, so if your pond has the capacity of 100 gallons, all you need is 100 drops of water. The dish soap works by making sure that the breathing tubes of the mosquito larvae are blocked. What is fascinating is that soap is extremely cheap, and it’s available everywhere. Moreover, soap will never ruin the esthetic appearance of your pond but ensures that the killer mosquitoes are exterminated.

Apply cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oil is among the best killers of mosquito larvae, but still making sure that the environment is preserved. If you choose to use cinnamon, you can add 15% cinnamon to 85% water for a one hundred gallon pond. But remember that although cinnamon is not toxic, it’s not best for use in ponds that have fish.


The above life hacks can be used when you want to get rid of mosquitoes in your ponds. The best part of these above methods is that they are quite easy, and can be used by anyone anywhere. They can help in ensuring that the life cycle of mosquitoes is brought to a halt and prevented from maturing into grown-up adults.

By Manali

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