Starting a funding raising campaign can seem a daunting task considering its ups and downs—writing your campaign page copy, sending resources to peer-to-peer fundraisers, segmenting email lists, collecting your graphics, etc. 

However, if the logical and tested approach is given just like what you are about to read now, you will have higher chances of starting and running a successful fundraising campaign that will generate revenue as you would have dreamt.

Below are the top-ranked tactics for starting fundraising for charity organizations

Soft Launch your Campaign.

It is highly recommended that before sending your campaign to the public, a working effort must have been made to generate some money. 

To do this, soft-launch your campaign to a group of your supporters who know what you do. Then slowly spread the gospel among the public.

Keep Your Brand Front and Centre

As it is important to create a special brand or logo for your campaign, it is to ensure that the logo appears in uniformity with your organization’s logo. This will well help your supporters to trust you and know that it’s you. 

One way to ensure uniformity in the appearance of your campaign’s brand with that of your organizations is to use similar underlining or theme color. And your logo will appear inconsistent throughout all your social media channels if you’ll chose to create awareness for your campaign through social media and direct email solicitation.

Educate Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers

While making use of peer-to-peer fundraisers is a smart move, you must educate the individual members involved on the best tactics to go about it and make reasonable revenue that will help meet your campaigning target. 

For example, you can tell them of the power of starting with their family and friends before reaching out to their community members and creating a persuasive social media page that’s consistent with the bigger campaign’s logo.

Encourage Monthly Recurring Donations.

Recurring donors are more profitable to your non-profit organization than one-time donors. Hence, try to encourage the idea. One way to do that is by providing two options that donors would subscribe for—onetime and recurring. 

Then, you’ll provide special gifts or value for recurring donors such that attention would be driven into recurring donations.

Link Donations with Impact

Let your donor know that even their little contribution would go a long way toward the achievement of your campaign’s goal. For example, the details of how each donation size impacts your goal can be written and sent via direct email.

Create a Campaign Video

Video is undoubtedly believed as a powerful tool in steering interest, passion, and pride to give in the heart of your audience. The video can feature the impact you’ve had on your beneficiaries, interviews of supporters, and show people they can get involved.

Celebrate Success

To keep your supporters inspired, try to celebrate the impact you’ve made as you make them along the way. 

Also, try to thank your supporters and let them see the impact you’ve made in your non-profit organization due to their contributions and effort. This concept will certainly be a driving force till you achieve your big goal.

By Manali

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