When you have crooked teeth, you might be wondering what the best option is to correct them and have a great smile. Invisalign ensures that any crooked teeth, gaps, and others that make your smile less attractive can be corrected by using invisible aligners.

Why it’s worth getting Invisalign

Invisalign is a specialist orthodontics procedure that is carried out by an experienced Invisalign dentistry expert. It involves the use of world-class dentistry equipment to take three-dimensional photos of your mouth and this will guide the dentist to design the best trays that can be used to force your teeth into the required position or shape. This procedure is normally based on your lifestyle goals and also on the condition of your teeth. It’s claimed that Invisalign offers similar results as braces, and costs almost the same amount, but is better because they are discreet. While braces may be covered by dental insurance, in some instances, your insurer may finance a small fraction of the cost of your orthodontics procedures. Feel free to check out this awesome detailed guide on the comparison of braces and invisalign.

Malocclusion or improper bite

This is where your teeth are not aligned to perfection and dental care experts suggest that you use clear braces to correct the existing effects. The reason is that it’s a good choice and after you have completed the procedure, the results that you achieve are long-term.

As per the experts, the following groups of patients have been proven to get amazing responses from Invisalign treatments.

  • Patients whose teeth are crowded.
  • Patients with gaps in their teeth that are less than 4mm wide.
  • Those whose teeth have been rotated or crooked.
  • Those who had used braces in the past, but now your teeth have moved back to their previous position.
  • When there is an improper fit of your lower and upper teeth when you are chewing.
  • When there is an intrusion, or when a tooth has been driven inside the gum.

Scenarios where you should avoid Invisalign

There are a few scenarios where Invisalign isn’t a great choice and among them include:

  • When your teeth are severely crowded.
  • When your teeth are severely rotated.
  • When there is an open, and also a deep bite. This makes it impossible for the upper and lower teeth to be aligned when the jaw is closed.
  • When your facial bones have not grown properly.
  • Patients who have badly impacted teeth.
  • When you are experiencing teeth deformities such as tip and tongue.
  • When your upper and lower teeth are not properly related.

Invisalign is good for all ages

Kids, teenagers, and adults can benefit from this orthodontics procedure. You don’t have to suffer from reduced confidence because your teeth are misaligned. You can enjoy a great smile and increase your confidence when you have properly aligned teeth.


Invisalign is among the orthodontics procedures that are worth trying. The price is affordable, and especially when your insurance covers part of the cost, the financial pain will be limited. You don’t have to suffer from reduced confidence because of crooked or misaligned teeth. You can consult your dentist and get started quickly.

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