Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan (How Is This Friendship) was an Indian television series that aired on MTV India between 21 July 2014 and 31 December 2015.  The show’s main focus is highlighting the importance of friendship, along with romance or family relationships.

Season 2 Synopsis:

The story begins with Nandini’s excitement for Manik’s birthday, and when Nandini throws a party they are not there with Cabir and Manik. Nandini misses Manik dearly. Whenever she’s sad, Aryaman supports her. Navya becomes an RJ and takes care of Harshad and Mukti’s newborn son Abeer, while Mukti tries to move on. Alya and Dhruv follow different paths in life but remain friends. There is a spoilt brat in the plot, i.e., Madhyam Singhania (Maddy). Harshad hates Nandini, and he stands for election against Nandini and Harshad. After Manik’s disappearance, Nandini begins digging for the truth about this, and eventually discovers that Nyonika is involved. Manik is always on Nandini’s mind. She misses him terribly and wonders what has happened to him. Her heart knows he is somewhere alive and well.

He then returns and confesses to his father that his father had saved him. He is hurt by the misunderstanding that Nandini and his friends have moved on to form a new Fab 5. Nandini clears up Manik’s confusion. He also learns about Nyonika’s involvement in the blast. As Manik plays the drums in memory of Cabir, he is devastated that he couldn’t save him. He is comforted by Alya, Dhruv, and Nandini. Later, Nandini, Navya, and FAB4 celebrate at a hotel. Aryaman, however, helps Maddy return to his house after he is thrown out. Manik doesn’t like it when Aryaman arrives at the party. Harshad continues to play dirty tricks on each of them, trying to break them apart as Aryaman feels out of place and used by Fab5.

They then spend the night together under the stars before Makik steals Nandini away from the rest of them. Manik smiles as he tenderly carries Nandini in his arms, making her feel at peace. The stars have written MaNan and the fireflies have celebrated it. From stealing beer bottles to chewing on water bottles, MaNan does a series of exciting things to complete Nandini’s bucket list. Both Maddy and Manik are bitter rivals and Manik challenges Maddy to perform the song created by fab5, for which Maddy signed the contract, but fab5 will eventually play together, winning over Maddy. Manik tells Dhruv to be alone for a while, so he ends up breaking up with Alya because she is happier with Varun (Alya’s boss in fashion). Separately, he says goodbye to Manik and Alya. PTSD is diagnosed in Makik after a breakdown.

MaNan leaves for Denmark the following day, leaving behind beautiful memories and cherishing each other forever. RJ Navya considers adopting her son from a gay couple. Mukiti leaves for an international music house to solo, and Alya takes a fashion design contract. Harshad becomes president of SPACE after Maddy departs. Nandini wishes Manik all the best. While friendship is vital, love stays with you forever, and Manik promises to cherish Nandini forever. That’s it for Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2.

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In MX Player, how to Download Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 2

You should follow these steps to download kaisi yeh yaariaan season 2:

  1. Go to the online video section of the application.
  2. Search for Kaisi yeh yaariaan season 2 under the online video section.
  3. Download Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 2 offline.
  4. In the bottom center of Kaisi yeh yaariaan season 2, there is a download option. Just click it and watch it offline.
  5. Just go to the offline section and play your downloaded content.

By Manali