The better you maintain your seats and cushions – the longer they last. Outdoor seats and cushions used on outdoor furniture items are, of course, harder to maintain. These cushions and seats face various types of weather-related threats. From the destructive effects of the sun’s UVB rays to moisture and mildew risks – maintaining outdoor seats/cushions is hard.

Thankfully, there are protective tools to preserve outdoor seats/cushions. According to furniture-making experts, the best seat covers can completely change how furniture items feel, appear, and function. More importantly, high-quality seat cushion covers protect furniture items from all external threats.

Smart homeowners want their furniture items to last as long as possible. That’s why they invest in the best cushion covers. Now, homeowners can even customize their seat or cushion covers to make them more durable. Here’s how you can make your seat covers extra durable –

Pick the Right Fabrics

While shopping for seat or cushion covers, you’ll receive plenty of fabric options. Fabrics like cotton or wool may seem appealing because of their aesthetic qualities. But, they don’t offer half as much protection as synthetic, UV-resistant materials. Ask your seller to provide seat or cushion covers made of synthetic, UV-resistant materials. These materials are –


Synthetic, UV-resistant materials are designed to withstand long periods of sunlight exposure. They make harmful UV rays bounce off the seats and cushions. By doing so, they prevent outdoor furniture items from fading too weak.


After sunlight, moisture is the number one threat for your outdoor furniture items. That’s why investing in seat or cushion covers made of 100% water-resistant fabrics is vital. Buying seat or cushion covers made of waterproof materials is even more important if your backyard has a swimming pool. 

Small droplets of water may accumulate inside your cushions and seats. In the long run, these moisture build-ups promote bacterial growth. Mold and mildew infestations are common in unprotected furniture items. To ensure your outdoor cushions, seats, and furniture items don’t suffer from this fate, ask your seller for waterproof fabrics. 

When water falls on seat or cushion covers made of waterproof fabrics, it simply rolls off. Waterproof seat covers are also washing-machine-friendly. These durable covers can go through hundreds of wash cycles without picking up any wrinkles or tears.

Customization Options

Gone are the days when only a limited number of companies sold high-quality seat or cushion covers. Thanks to the Internet, users can access high-quality seat and cushion covers from across the world. Find sellers who offer total customization options. Your cushion covers must fit your furniture items. 

Pick the right size customizations. Some sellers even allow shoppers to customize the colors and designs of their seats and cushion covers. The colors of your cushion covers will determine their ability to deal with sunlight. Cushion covers with light colors are better at reflecting the harmful UVA and UVB sun rays. Dark-colored cushion covers trap heat and is easier to clean.

If you’re shopping for outdoor furniture cushions, follow this guide to buy the most long-lasting items.

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