Our dressing sense tells us about our personality and about our nature. People wear expensive clothes to look rich and classy ,they spend a lot of money buying western clothes . People mostly wear these clothes on any special occasions or festivals because in festivals we meet more people , friends and relatives and this is the great time to flaunt your beautiful look and beautiful outfit.

Outfit is just to make you comfortable, it also gives you confidence , attitude and about your nature. In today’s generation outfit and clothes has become a fame to peoples every celebrity and artists wear beautiful outfits to express their nature. But nothing can beat a traditional outfit and people can’t stop themself to wearing ethnic clothes, ethnic outfits are a different way to express yourself  . You are Indian, you will know the power of Indian dress . Traditional outfits give a beautiful feeling and it shows love towards our country and our beautiful religion. For men it is kurta and dhoti and for womens it is saree and blouse, from many years women’s and men wear these clothes. Mostly in uttar pradesh and southern part of India like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Most of the women you will see wearing pattu sarees,silk sarees and beautiful blouses with it.  Every beautiful saree is incomplete without a beautiful blouse. Blouses play an important role if you wear any saree. Saree is the thing which you can wear in any type of party, festivals, occasion and at home also. It is considered as one of the most comfortable clothes for womens in india. And to keep this in mind ajrakh blouses are made with beautiful patterns , colours, designs,works and unique cut designs. Ajrakh blouses are those which will look beautiful on any of your old beautiful saree. If you know how to create looks with an old saree then this blouse is for you.

Off sleeves beautiful printed multiple colour Ajrak blouse design

Beautiful off sleeves blouse for festivals. Button design with collar. Perfect for festivals . Match up this with light makeup and oxidised jewellery. The combination of blue and red is just awesome.

Beautiful small little tree printed ajrakh blouse design

Beautiful half sleeves and trees printed ajrakh blouse design. Perfect for traditional looks and for occasions. Match with a light gold plated chain and some bangles with a bun full of flowers.

Attractive lining pattern puffy sleeves ajrakh blouse design

Attractive puffy full sleeves, beautiful Ajrak blouse design. Perfect for Summers and for fat girls this hand design will cover all the hand fat and give you a perfect photo picture look. The combination of white and blue gives you a fresh look. Pair this with any of your cotton or Georgette saree.

Beautiful wine red belly sleeves ajrakh blouse design

This beautiful blouse will attract everyone towards you in every function you will go to. Belly sleeves are trending everywhere on the internet because of attractive and beautiful designs. Pair this with any saree you like bold makeup open hairs and all set you are ready to kill v

Everyone with your beautiful looks.

Orange Paisley print half sleeves ajrakh printed blouse design

Very beautiful and gorgeous orange colour blouse with Paisley print all over the blouse. Orange is the neutral colour which can go with any colour of saree and give you a perfect look.  Don’t need heavy jewellery to match this with light and simple jewellery . Perfect for parties and functions.

Light green heavy floral belly sleeves ajrakh blouse design

Gorgeous light green Heavy floral printed blouse for beautiful girls out there. Small “latkans” on both of the hands with a little cute design.


 Beautiful festive wear blouses . All the blouses are super gorgeous and with beautiful prints. Neutral colours is the colour which goes with any colour and any type of outfit. If you will wear this in any party you will go everyone will just talk about yourself and your beautiful outfit.  All the designs are trending and every women should have this type of blouses,it will enhance your beauty and overall personality.

By Manali

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