Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror drama television series produced by the Duffer Brothers and aired on Netflix.

In the first season of the ’80s-set series, produced by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer (“Wayward Pines”) that is set to return for a second in 2017, we are witness to the mysterious disappearance of a young boy in a small town and the chain of events that ensues.

Aside from starring iconic ’80s actress Winona Ryder, the show also stars a whole new group of adorable kids that viewers cannot help but love.

Taking a page from some of the era’s most beloved films, “Stranger Things” borrows heavily from classics such as E.T.  and Stand By Me. Dedicated fans are tearing apart every scene, looking for clues, and forming wild theories.

However, if you’re a little behind or just plain don’t feel like watching all eight episodes (or maybe those monster stories scare you too much), Business Insider has created a quick summary of all the major plot points so far.

The main cast

  • Winona Ryder portrays Judy Byers
  • David Harbour portrays Jim Hopper
  • Finn Wolfhard portrays Mike Wheeler
  • Eleven (“El”) is portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown
  • Gaten Matarazzo portrays Henderson
  • Caleb McLaughlin portrays Lucas Sinclair
  • Nancy Wheeler is portrayed by Natalia Dyer
  • Charlie Heaton portrays Jonathan Byers
  • Cara Buono portrays Karen Wheeler 
  • Martin Brenner is portrayed by Matthew Modine

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According to the initial concept, the brothers wished to film the series on Long Island. Since filming is to take place in November 2015, it was not possible to film in Long Island in the cold weather, and the production began scouting locations in the Atlanta area. Growing up in North Carolina, the brothers found many places that they recognized from their childhood, and felt it would be perfect for a fictional town in Indiana, Hawkins.

Several episodes of the show’s first season were shot in Atlanta, Georgia, with The Duffer Brothers and Levy handling the directing. Based on Jackson, Hawkins, Indiana, is a fictional town.  Atlanta’s Screen Gem Studios created the sets. The series was shot on a Red Dragon digital camera. Season one began filming in early 2016.

As the brothers filmed, they looked for shots that could be seen as references to many of the 1980s references they remembered. Rather than filling the series with references, the directors sought to make it appear as if it came from the 1980s. They did not read those works but instead went by memory. The show was also found to be quite comparable to several 1980s works, as shown by a fan-made video comparing it to them in close proximity. 

The Stranger Things Season 1 Episodes Download instructions

The following steps will assist you in finding the Stranger Things Season 1 Episodes Download

  1. You should open a browser first
  2. To locate the Stranger Things index, type “index of Stranger Things” into your browser
  3. The third step entails opening the first link
  4. This will display a complete list of all episodes
  5. The fifth step is to select the first season of Stranger Things
  6. The sixth step is to download the file
  7. The seventh step is to watch it offline

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