This week, NBC announced that its drama series The Blacklist would return for the first season. NBC announced the premiere date and the season finale on Tuesday, May 12th. A total of 22 episodes were aired during the season

A brief summary

The season begins with Raymond Reddington surrendering to the FBI, establishing his credentials by helping them to capture an international terrorist once thought to be dead. There are some conditions Red must meet for his help — he must remain seemingly free so that his contacts know he still exists, and he will only share information with rookie FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen.

Through the course of the season, it becomes apparent that Red may have a secret motive for turning himself in to the FBI. Utilizing the FBI to expose breathtaking corruption in international humanitarian work, to creating opportunities for those working with him to exorcise personal demons.

Additionally, Red has an unknown adversary. Is he using the FBI to dislodge his enemy and destroy their organization, or is he hiding behind them to disguise himself?

The Reds have an arrangement with Alan Fitch as well. To demonstrate their power, the Cabal ordered an attack on the FBI black site, known as the Post Office. The Post Office is the command center for The Blacklist task force. The Cabal knows the secrets of Red, and he has arranged for them to be disclosed if he should die.

Through her adoptive family, Red is revealed to have a personal connection to Keen. Throughout the film, Keen appears to have been a chess pawn and dupe of Milos Kirchoff, whose actions drove Red to surrender himself to the FBI and destroyed his syndicate. Red’s pact with Fitch is undermined by the Post Office attack as his blackmail evidence is viewed as a bluff.

It is revealed in the season finale that Elizabeth Keen’s husband Tom Keen was spying on her for Red’s unknown adversary.

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A list of the main cast

  • Raymond “Red” Reddington is played by James Spader
  • Spader
  • Spader, while Emily Keen is played by Megan Boone
  • Boone, who portrays FBI Special Agent Donald Ressler in Diego Klattenhoff’s film
  • The Case Against Tom Keen in which Ryan Eggold plays the detective
  • Harold Cooper in the role of Harry Lennix, FBI Assistant Director
  • Parminder Nagra in the role of Meera Malik

The Blacklist season 1 download guide

Here are the steps you need to follow to find the blacklist season 1 download

  • Start by opening a browser
  • Enter “index of blacklist” in your browser to locate the blacklist index
  • The third step involves opening the “indexoftvseries” link
  • That displays a complete list of all episodes
  • The fifth step involves selecting the first season of the blacklist
  • After which you must download the movie
  • Then watch it offline.


Following the mysterious crash of the prisoner transport plane, the city is on lockdown as authorities look for all the escapees. Despite Red being confined in jail, Liz is determined to get him out since he is the only hope for locating all the suspects. A second objective is to track down Berlin, a prisoner on the flight, who somehow plays a part in the plot.

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