Ain Dubai

Dubai is all about astonishment, grandeur, enjoyment, and amazement. It’s a city that is loved by all tourists. Dubai is always struggling to make it an interesting for the visitors. There was also a time when Dubai was just a small Bedouin fishing village. After that, the oil boom came and Dubai became financially sound. However, the leadership ensured, the exceptional flow of money is allowing the Dubai rose to heights that were hard to imagine. There is no doubt, Dubai is been continuously adding the best of the world’s man-made wonders and Ain Dubai is one of them.

Ain Dubai/ Dubai Eye

The Ain Dubai is also known as Dubai Eye. It is constructed in Bluewaters island, of the Dubai’s most spectacular entertainment projects.  It is fascinating to know that, a land near 500 meters off the JBR coastline, is a mega entertainment destination of Dubai, its main attraction is Ain Dubai- world’s tallest Ferris wheel.  Ain Dubai have a great capacity of accommodating 1400 visitors in its 48 glass enclosed pods.

With a gigantic height of 210 meters, every person aboard the giant observation wheel gets a scenic treat of a lifetime. You’ll be surprised to know that the spindle and assembled hub of the giant Ferris wheel is 40 meters long and 20 meters high. It weighs around 1,805 tons, that is equal to four Airbus A380 aircraft.

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Interesting facts of Ain Dubai

  • Being constructed at a height of 210 meters, the Ferris wheel has broken the record of High Roller with the height of 167.6m.
  • The Ain Dubai includes 48 exclusive glass capsules with a capacity to hold over 1400 people. The entire rotation takes you through breathtaking views of Jumeirah Beach Residence, Burj Khalifa, Pal Jumeirah island, Burj Al Arab, as well as every dynamic Dubai Skyline.
  • Besides the mesmerizing views of the Dubai skyline, the inside of the pods are one of the best experiences for the visitors on board. You must know, the Ain Dubai capsules are developed by Meraas Holding offering the lavish dining arrangements. Moreover, each pod is set to have an 80- inch LED screen.
  • The Blue-water island where this giant structure is built is also a haven for entertainment for all ages. You can enjoy plethora of activities as well as astounding experiences. Celebrate your new year evening to enjoy shopping in the best of brand outlets. Just go on a dining spree with the best alfresco options and gourmet restaurants.
  • It is fascinating to know that Ain Dubai is one of the most ambitious projects of Dubai. It’s construction has been facilitated by with two of the world’s largest cranes.
  • Ain Dubai offers a 360-degree view of the Dubai horizon.

Cabins in Ain Dubai

On Dubai Eye Wheel, 48 high-tech cabins are divided into three categories.

Restaurants in Ain Dubai

As Ain Dubai is a wholly catered event and outside food and beverages are also prohibited, food and beverages are available for purchase at concessions, the café, as well as the Seaview Lounge. You can also enjoy pre-order platters and a variety of beverages in-flight.

Important things to consider before visiting Ain Dubai

  • You must wear comfortable clothes while visiting Dubai Eye Wheel.
  • Outside eatables are not allowed.
  • Small bags are permissible, ensure that you avoid large boxes inside Ain Dubai.
  • Pets are not allowed. Along with this, you can’t bring any sharp weapon, flammable liquids, fireworks or illegal substances with you.
  • As the observation wheel spins at a slow-moving walking pace, it is an ideal attraction for all ages. However, it is suggested to avoid if you are suffering from any kind of serious medical issue.
  • All the cabins of Ain Dubai are secured with the most advanced safety measures.
  • Face masks be worn at all times during the experience

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