Companies all struggle with different things, but booking meeting rooms is a universal problem that plagues a lot of companies. 

Imagine how much time you and your employees waste booking meetings and communicating details, only to walk over to a room you supposedly booked and see another meeting taking place?

Inefficiencies in meetings waste not only time, but money as well. According to estimates, unproductive meetings waste 37 billion dollars a year.

The good news is that there is a solution – one that can be seamlessly integrated into your office to minimize the time and effort spent on scheduling meetings.  

How does meeting room booking software work?

Software like this streamlines the entire process of booking meetings by removing all the guesswork and effort involved.

Conference room management software online can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Booking meeting rooms has never been easier
  • Check out the most up-to-date list of available rooms with real-time updates
  • Communication details can be easily communicated with Slack, Gmail, Skype, and more
  • Book the right room every time by viewing individual room details

The software is also a useful tool to help facility managers gain insight into how and when rooms are being used. Having real-time data allows them to view their office space from a holistic perspective and, as a result, make more informed decisions about office planning.

Meeting room booking solutions: what makes them great? As with any software you use in your office, the meeting room booking software you choose should be secure, scalable, accessible on a variety of devices, and simple to use.

1. Make office rooms more efficient

Wasted space is a major productivity killer. But meeting room booking software lets facilities managers monitor room usage in real time and adjust accordingly. Space management, therefore, becomes more transparent.

Facility managers can more easily plan, for example, the number and size of meeting rooms they need in their offices, when using meeting room booking software, which keeps track of who is using those workspaces.

Creating areas that solve specific problems or fill gaps in existing meeting room options allows facilities managers to be more precise when planning spaces. As an example, if a facilities manager sees that employees tend to book entire meeting rooms to work alone, he or she can create more hot desks to free up larger meeting spaces for teams that need them.

In this way, facilities managers can increase office efficiency, and employees can maximize their workspaces because they are tailored to their behavior and preferences.

2. Enhance employee productivity and visibility in the workplace

Double bookings and miscommunications about meeting locations are no longer issues. The real-time availability viewing and booking of rooms provides employees with confidence when booking rooms. Booking software for meeting rooms increases efficiency by eliminating any margin for wasted time or space.

For example, let’s say someone booked a room for the marketing team’s weekly status meeting. The meeting was only moved offsite, and the employee who scheduled it did not release the room back into the system, so other employees weren’t able to use it, thinking it was occupied. When no one checks into a meeting room after a set period of time, meeting room booking software automatically frees it up.

This software streamlines the process of booking a room and communicating the details, so your team can spend less time planning the meeting and more time meeting. The more information available, the more productive you will be, and the less time you will spend figuring out where to assemble.

By Manali

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