There can be a lot of causes of infertility; some can be due to some underlying physical and medical conditions, while others can be because of lifestyle issues. Whatever the reasons, maybe, if you get yourself treated in time, you can get out of the infertility situation most of the time. Some of the well-known methods used for conceiving when a couple goes through the problem of infertility are IVF and IUI.So if you are also dealing with infertility issues, you should try the Aastha Fertility clinic, Ajmer.  

Ajmer is a small town in Rajasthan, located near the famous tourist attraction Pushkar. However, the city is still in the progress of developing, the people there are still not very open to discussing infertility problems. Thus, having a famous IVF center, like Aastha fertility care, can help many residents and nearby people effectively solve their infertility problems. Also, read down the article until the end to get a piece of complete information about what the doctors do and what you should do personally before you go through fertility treatment.

What is Female Infertility-

A couple is said to be infertile if they have tried conceiving a baby for more than a year by having unprotected intercourse and cannot conceive a child. However, among all the infertile couples, about 1/3 of it is due to women’s inability to conceive. There can be many reasons that can lead to infertility in female. Thus, before starting any treatment or suggesting IVF or IUI treatments, a doctor makes you go through a lot of tests, which can tell you about the exact causes which are causing infertility. Some of the causes of women’s infertility are ovulation disorder, endometriosis, blockage in fallopian tubes, cancer, Uterine or cervical abnormalities, etc. 

Tests For Female Infertility Treatment-

A doctor conducts a lot of tests before they start your fertility treatments. These tests are generally done to know the exact causes causing the problem of infertility in women. Also, after carefully examining the tests, the doctor suggests the appropriate treatments.

 Some of the standard tests are as follows-

  1. Ovulation testing: In this test, the doctor does a blood test to check the hormone levels in you, to know if you are ovulating or not.
  2. Hysterosalpingography is a test in which the doctor sees the condition of fallopian tubes and blockage problems through an X-ray. This X-ray contrast is injected into the uterus to see if the cavity is normal and if the fluid spills out of your fallopian tubes.
  3. Ovarian reserve testing– In this test, the number of eggs is seen which are available for ovulation. This is done in the early stages of the menstrual cycle.
  4. Another hormone testing: Other hormone tests check levels of ovulatory hormones, as well as pituitary hormones that control reproductive processes.
  5. Image testing: Sometimes, the doctors use the sonohysterogram to see details of the uterus, which cannot be seen in regular ultrasounds.
  6. Hysteroscopy: The doctor may also ask you to go through the hysteroscopy test in some conditions. In this test, a thin tube with a camera is put into the uterus to see the abnormalities in the uterus.
  7. Laparoscopy– In the process of Laparoscopy, thin insertions around the navel are made to examine the patient’s fallopian tubes, uterus, and ovaries. A laparoscopy may identify endometriosis, scarring, blockages or irregularities of the fallopian tubes, and problems with the ovaries and uterus.

Things to Do Before  You Undergo Female Infertility Treatment-

It would help if you did some things to prepare yourself before going through infertility treatments. This will increase your chances of conceiving and healthy pregnancy.

  1. Eat healthily, and have a well-balanced diet to prepare your body for the fertility process.
  2. If you are overweight, control your weight and maintain it according to your BMI.
  3. Avoid smoking, drinking, and taking drugs at least 30 days before starting your infertility treatment.
  4. Start taking prenatal vitamins.
  5. Reduce your intake of caffeine daily.
  6. Manage your stress and anxiety by doing yoga or meditation daily.

How to Choose the Best Female Infertility Treatment Center in Ajmer-

Here are some of the points you should keep in mind before choosing a IVF center-

  1. Thoroughly check the hospital’s doctors’ credentials and equipment for testing and curing infertility. You can easily do so by checking about the hospital online.
  2. You can easily do so by checking about the hospital online.
  3. Make sure you read all the reviews and testimonials of past patients so that you can know about the success rates of the IVF process.
  4. Research about the IVF specialist and the other doctors who will lead the fertility tests and are also going to guide you through the different processes of conceiving.
  5. Going through fertility tests and IVF procedures can cost you a lot at once. Thus, compare the prices of different hospitals in Ajmer, although testing and IVF treatment for one cycle in India will cost you around 1,20,000 INR to 1,60,000 INR.
  6. Many IVF centers give you an option to have online counseling sessions; thus, you can choose the one with that facility to make it more convenient.


Many couples are going through the problem of infertility; however, if you are looking for a hospital that will give you efficient results at affordable prices. Then you should check out the treatments provided by the Aastha Fertility care, Ajmer. All the hospital doctors are highly qualified and knowledgeable, and they have cured infertility problems for a lot of couples in the past. Although, if you want any other information about the doctors and the hospital, then check it out on ””

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