Cotton Kaftan Dresses have swept us off our feet thanks to their adaptable designs and practical comfort. Cotton Kaftan, also known as a long and flowy tunic that goes below the knees, is one of the few outfits that has gained a name in foreign places while expanding its reach worldwide.

Cotton Kaftan Dresses are regarded as the most practical dress because of their ease and modesty. Kaftan is also known for its historical significance. Cotton Kaftan Dresses have their origins in the Ottoman Empire of the early 14th century. Here are some of the top 7 cotton Kaftans of 2022.

  1. Embroidered Kaftan

The embroidered kaftan is one of the best cotton Kaftan ideas of 2022. This Kaftan features a geometric embroidered pattern that takes clean lines to another level of beauty. This cotton kaftan is easy on the eye and comfortable for anyone looking for simple complexity. 

  • Assoulin Kaftan

Another cotton kaftan design that is making the headlines is the Assoulin kaftan. This kaftan comes in a boat neck and a stripe print, making it an instant colorful hit. With various colors taking center stage, this kaftan has a great feminine and exciting look.

  • Lace-up crochet-knit kaftan

Let’s face it, Missoni is a must-have if you want to increase the appeal factor in your kaftan game. This kaftan is one of the best ideas, especially when it comes to the lace-up crotchets knit, and can be graced with diversities of colors. This is a beach party special and a nice cotton idea you can add to your collection.

  • Southern Nights Kaftan dress

The southern night kaftan dress is one of the most dramatic kaftans in the market today and a nice cotton kaftan idea. It’ll be difficult not to turn heads in this beach dress, which features flowing theatrical sleeves and a deep-v neckline.

  • Plunge V-Neck Cotton Kaftan

Have you ever seen a V-neck cotton kaftan with a plunge? This V-neck is designed with rolled sleeves and a centered semi-buttoned shaft to give it a beautiful look like no other. This is an instant hit of a cotton kaftan and one of the best ideas to hit the spotlight this year.

  • India Bazaar Cotton Kaftan

Those who prefer a neutral color scheme but want to branch out might do so with navy blue. It’s attractive and simple to look at and a top kaftan idea for the year 2022.

  • Cotton Voile Kaftan

The final kaftan on our idea list is the Cotton Voile Kaftan. A crocheted eyelet cotton voile kaftan will amp up the drama. In addition, the small cut is ideal for showing off your stems.

Cotton kaftans are great; they make us shine on our best occasions. However, to get the best of these cotton kaftan ideas, you need to work with the best with the highest level of professionalism, which has an eye for details. At Museodesigns, we always have your back, and we can help bring your cotton kaftan ideas to life. All we need is your complete height details, and then you watch your designs come to reality.

By Manali