Falling asleep is already hard enough, even without the thoughts of your commanding officer yelling at you or the fact that you could be called to action at any point in time moving through your head. Sadly, as a marine, this is the life (we know it first hand), and a sleeping mask cannot stop all of that, but it is great for getting excellent rest. Therefore, with a proper understanding of most of the circumstances on Naval ships and submarines, we have come to the conclusion that sleeping masks are essential for getting enough quality sleep. 

After testing enough sleeping masks and understanding their pros and cons, we have designed the best sleeping mask, which is the Fleetsheet sleep mask. Everyone is different, so there cannot be a one size fits all mask which is why it is tactical and adjustable for perfect sleep protection.

The fleetsheet sleeping mask is a Z-mask contoured sleeping mask that allows you to fall asleep fast and get into a deep sleep which helps to make you healthy and function better during the day’s activity. This mask is patented with a form-fitting design that easily blocks light without putting unnecessary pressure on your eyes. 

It is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to the point that you would forget that it is even there in the first place. This means that you can rest without any pain the next day, which is somewhat a precious gift for every marine.

Features of the Fleetsheet Sleeping Mask

Here are some of the best features of the fleetsheet sleeping mask:

  • Properly blocks light allowing deep sleep when at home, traveling, or sleeping in your Navy rack. 
  • It is designed to be firm but easily allows proper eye movement causing no pain to your eyes – it weighs under 2 oz, which is a great weight for comfortable sleeping.
  • It does not apply pressure on your eyes as most sleeping masks do. Instead, the soft foam used for the design rests comfortably on your face without any stress on you.
  • The straps on this sleeping mask are adjustable, making it possible for all head sizes to use and remove with the quick release buckle.

For many of us, the reflection of light into our eyes makes it almost impossible for people to get good sleep. However, people shy away from using sleeping masks because they make them feel uncomfortable, causing a lot of pain to the eyes during sleep, which worsens when they take them off. 

They mostly have to contend with trying not to concentrate on light to practically get sleep. This does not have to be the case, and you do not have to feel any form of pain using a sleeping mask. The Fleetsheet sleeping mask is designed to block off any light while you sleep without causing any pain to the eyes. So, if you are looking for comfort unmatched,  you need to visit fleetsheets today to get the best.

By Manali