Gardening out of a hobby is something numerous of us do. Gardening could also be a lucrative business. While you must have considered tomatoes or green vegetables, the most productive plants are specialty crops that are not readily seen in home vegetable gardens. Best of all, you can instantly grow specialty crops at the house if you have additional hours to spare and place. Here are seven good plants. You can order plants online to grow and turn gardening in India into a paying business.


Used for thousands of years in Asian cultures as a medicinal herb and tonic, this plant draws in so much value for growers called “green gold”. Even George Washington noticed the potential of this plant; ginseng proceeds supported finance the Revolutionary war against the British. If you have a little vacant plot and a sense of patience, this plant can reap tremendous rewards. Why patience? Because growing ginseng can take up to 6 years, as you will tarry till the roots have entirely developed to harvest them for eating. If that is well past your timeframe, you can also trade young “rootlets” to other producers to bring some return on investment within a flexible time frame. Over the 6 years, growers can make as numerous as $10,000 on a half-acre plot from grains, rootlets & mature roots. With ginseng, early birds most positively do not see the worm.


Why is bamboo so successful? It’s a gifted plant in the landscape, as it can be used for plants, shelters, or stand-alone “specimen” shrubs. Bamboo is not just a tropical plant, as diverse cold-hardy species can manage sub-zero wintertimes. Practising containers in a bamboo market, it’s inexpensive to grow thousands of dollars worth of green plants in a field nursery. You can buy bamboo plants online to bring good luck and prosperity

in your home.


Flowers are welcomed and loved by all. Growing flowers can deliver you endless possibilities as a business owner as well as money. You can sell flowering plants, wreaths, dried flowers, garlands, plucked flowers or herbs in any other form. To get excited, you will want gardening supplies and seeds. You Canpurchase flowers through various online nurseries. You can raise & sell traditional flowers like Roses, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Marigold at weekend flower shops.


Herbs have multiple uses. They can be used as a culinary ingredient to intensify the flavour of medication to heal injuries or both. Growing familiar herbs can be determined to be profit-making. Grow Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Chives, Cilantro, & Oregano. Other than this, you can grow lavender having a fresh redolence & have plans in essential oils. Tulsi, the sacred Indian herb, can be instantly grown by you in your garden. You can concentrate on growing one herb at a time.

Gourmet Mushroom

The fungus between us grows practically anywhere in the right circumstances. The two most famous gourmet mushroom types are oyster & shiitake, which are ordinarily available fresh or dried in most grocery shops & Farmer’s Markets. Of the two choices, oysters are amazingly productive. They can produce up to 25 pounds per square foot of planting space every year. They also produce an amazingly great return per square foot. When selling straight to consumers, such as restaurants or Farmer’s Markets, oysters can take in $7 per pound. That indicates a 10 x 10 square foot patch of mushrooms can take in $17,500 per period.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are drought-tolerant & under maintenance; hence several homeowners & internal decorators favour them. Ornamental grasses come in many patterns and sizes. You can use ornamental grasses to shelter grounds, design backdrops, wall gardens, or any other form. From the parent plant, you can grow hundreds of beautiful grass plants.

Landscaping Trees and Shrubs

Countless small garden plant nurseries enjoy victory on a small scale, with individual plants producing as much as $100 in a five-gallon pot. Those specialising in unusual or hard-to-find trees & plant species can charge premium costs and yet sell out each year. The secret to victory is getting a “niche” that you enjoy & then growing the species that can not be seen at your average plant.

These are ideal profitable plants to grow in India. With the best gardening experience and skill, these seven plants would generate income for you.

By Manali

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