Vaping marijuana is a term used to describe the usage of vaporizers such as wax pens to consume marijuana, tobacco, or other substances. Vaporizers are specialized electronic devices that heat different substances to create an inhalable vapor. Vaporizing offers some unique benefits as opposed to traditional methods of smoking, including a significantly reduced risk of respiratory inflammation and other hazardous chemicals.

But what about vaping using wax pens? Why do wax pens make users tired after use? This article will take you through the possible causes of tiredness associated with using marijuana wax pens.

Pros and cons of vaping wax

Marijuana wax is created by using a process of extraction that involves high heat, which leaves behind the plant’s essential oils. Wax is an essential oil of the plant, and it requires a different preparation method than that of dry buds. However, some devices are capable of vaporizing waxy oils as well as dry herbs.

A wax pen is a device with a heating coil that heats and vaporizes the contents of the vape cartridge inside. It’s very similar to how a standard vape pen works, but with wax instead of e-liquid.

Wax pens have a myriad of benefits for vaping concentrates.

  • Wax pens are discreet and easy to use – (the size of a wax pen is no larger than a pen, and the smell of marijuana coming off it is significantly less than that of smoking a joint).
  • Vaporizing wax provides for a safer experience-Wax vaporizes at much lower temperatures (usually between 350°F – 400°F) than combustion does (typically around 1,200°F). This means that you’re avoiding all those hazardous chemicals like tar, benzene, or arsenic found in smoke.
  • The effects of vaping are more powerful – (Potency is essential when selecting the right strain for your needs. What seems to work better with wax pens is the THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids are already extracted (especially the terpenes), and you can control the intensity by how long you draw. Furthermore, the best portable vaporizers won’t burn away any beneficial cannabinoids or terpenes found in your dry herb or waxy oils).

So why would you start to feel tired after enjoying all these benefits for quite some time? Here are the answers.

Poor quality wax may lead to lung diseases like bronchitis. Vaping poor quality wax leads to low oxygen absorption hence tiredness. Low oxygen levels in your blood are called hypoxemia, while insufficient oxygen levels in your tissues are called hypoxia. People who consume low-quality wax may have these two conditions, especially if they are already suffering from lung disease.

Here is a simple and ideal example.

Butane is a substance that sometimes leads to low-quality wax with adverse health effects. It has been discovered that some people making low-quality wax use butane and don’t get to remove it out of the finished product entirely.

When used often, this low quality can cause damage to the cells in your lungs. The wax pen will heat the wax so that the user can inhale it. Heating raises its temperature above 250 degrees Fahrenheit. It causes the wax to break down into other chemical compounds, such as acetaldehyde, a toxic substance that can lead to cell damage. And when the lungs don’t function optimally, there is less oxygen uptake meaning lessened energy levels in the blood and tissues.

Other potential causes of tiredness after using wax pens include:

  1. The effects of an intense high can be overwhelming to induce tiredness. ( As per a study published by the National Institute of Biotechnology Information, excessive use of cannabis can significantly reduce the dopamine levels in the body. In summary, the study found that heavy marijuana users produced significantly less dopamine than non-smokers or light users. Dopamine acts as a regulator of exercise threshold—how much effort is required to complete the job. Those with higher dopamine levels are more likely to perform well in functions that require energy).
  2. If your wax came from an Indica, you might feel sleepy hence tired – ( vaping wax sourced from the indica plant will undoubtedly make you feel drowsy. For some people, this is an ideal feature and the reason why users choose the indica strain. If you like to smoke marijuana and live an active lifestyle, vaping will not make you suddenly lazy or tired in the long run. The answer to why marijuana makes us sleepy can be attributed to how THC is absorbed and interacts with the neurotransmitter dopamine).

Safe waxing!

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