T 700 carbon fiber sheet

Introduction of carbon fiber sheets:

As we know that carbon fiber tubes have many uses in our daily life. Jinjiuyi composites manufacture many types of carbon fiber tubes and these tubes have a lot of uses and importance in our daily life. Now in this article we’ll discuss about carbon fiber sheet and types of carbon fiber sheets.

What is carbon fiber sheet??

Carbon fiber sheets are made up of carbon fiber and epoxy resins. As we know that carbon fiber are made up of carbon atoms, these carbon atoms are joined together to form a network of fibers. These thin fibers are then joined together to form yarn.  This yarn is then woven in the fabric, which is called fiber fabric. There are two types of carbon fiber sheetsoneislightercarbon fiber sheet and the other is heavy carbon fiber sheet. The lighter carbon fiber sheets can have 3000 to 6000 thin fibers per yarn while heavier carbon sheets can have up to 12,000 thin fibers per yarn.

Standard size of carbon fiber sheets:

The standard size of carbon fiber sheet is 400 X 500 mm, 500 X 500mm, 500 X 60mm, 1000 X 1000mm. The thickness of these sheets is from 0.5mm to 25mm.  

Why carbon fiber sheet is used?

Before using these sheets we should know their uses, that how these sheets are helpful for us. Carbon fiber sheets are used in many industries for different purposes. Their uses for some main purposes are described below:

  • These fabric sheets are used in making robots. Carbon fiber sheets are used in making robots instead of the other material of sheets. The reason for using carbon fiber sheets in making robot is their light weight and these sheets help robot  in making fast movements. Another reason for using these sheets is that they are less expensive and cheaper.
  • As we know that carbon fiber sheets are light in weight due to their this speciality they are used in making the parts of machines because they are soo light and don’t increases the weight of the machines. So such light weight sheets help machines in working fastly and smoothly. And take less amount of energy to run.
  • The T700 carbon fiber sheet is flat therefore it is used for flat surfaces.

What is T 700 carbon fiber sheet?

T700 carbon fiber sheets is famous for its strength. This sheet has best strength standard. This sheet is mostly used for the preparation of advanced composites material. Some advanced composites materials in which these sheets are used are aerospace, defense and military industries. The special feature of this sheet is that it never twist. Many companies use these fiber sheets for the cutting of drone frames. Jinjiuyi buy raw materials for T700 carbon fiber sheet from Toray company.

Price of carbon fiber sheet:

Price of these sheets depend upon the material used and on the size of sheet. The Price also depends upon the thickness of the sheet. The price of same size of T700 carbon fiber sheet is higher than the price of T300 carbon fiber sheet. Cost of the T700 carbon fiber material 400*500*3mm is almost $66. If you want to know the real price of these carbon fiber sheets then its better to contact to the companies that manufacture these sheets, because they can tell you the exact price of these sheets.

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