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Karachi’s real estate market offers a variety of residential properties to invest in. These investment options include homes, apartments, and vacant land. Another option for investors looking for a multipurpose property in the city’s suburbs is buying a farmhouse. 

      One of the main reasons why realtors prefer investing in a farmhouse is their demand. Since more people prefer holding large gatherings such as weddings and parties at farmhouses, realtors can rent them out for a high-profit return. With the country’s population increasing, the demand for large residential properties, for celebratory purposes, with peaceful surroundings is also increasing. 

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       There are various places in the city of lights where one can invest in a farmhouse. However, some of the best places to purchase a luxury farmhouse include Scheme 45, Bahria Town, Defense Housing Authority City, Super High, Bin-Qasim Town, and Gadap Town. Read more about Kingdom valley islamabad noc.


         Scheme 45 is located along the Northern Bypass. This area is one of the most desirable and perfect places for investing in a farmhouse. The region has pleasant surroundings and a peaceful, safe environment setting. Shah Ghazi Village is only a 10-minute drive from Gulshan-e-Maymar and Dreamworld Family Resort, and a 25-minute drive from Sohrab Goth. Farmhouses in this area are available in 2 Kanal and 4 Kanal sizes and the prices for these residential properties range from 1,500,000/- PKR to over 3,000,000/- PKR. Read more about Canvas TCISD login details for you


      Luxurious farmhouses in the city of lights can easily be found in this prestigious gated housing society. Although investing in a farmhouse in Bahria Town can cost a lot, the amenities, prime location, and the services provided by this housing scheme make the investment worth it.

      This residential society is located on the city’s outskirts and offers a variety of investment options. Farmhouses in Bahria Town are available in 2 Kanals, 4 Kanals, 8 Kanals, 10 Kanals, and 12 Kanals and the price range for these properties ranges from 2,500,000/- PKR to almost 55,000,000 PKR.


       Realtors can also purchase plots for the farmhouse and construct them from scratch themselves. Residential plots for farmhouses in this region are available in 2 Kanals, 4 Kanals, and 8 Kanals. These residential plots have a price range of about 2,500,000/- PKR to 28,700,000/- PKR. The bookings for these residential plots are available with a 30% down payment a monthly installment payment plan is available to pay off the other70%. 


       Bin Qasim is a big town situated near the city’s southern boundaries, in close vicinity to the Arabian Sea. This area is sounded from the north by Gadap Town, from the east by Thatta District, from the south by the Arabian Sea, and from the west by the residential communities of Malir, Landhi, and Korangi.

      Bin Qasim Town has farmhouses ranging in size from 4 Kanals to 12 Kanals. Some farmhouses in this area are also as big as 42 Kanals and can go up to 67 Kanals. The price range for these farmhouses can range from 20,000,000/- PKR and go up to 220,000,000/- PKR.


      DHA City, much like the luxurious Bahria Town, is also located on the outskirts of the city. There are several ultramodern and elegant farmhouses for sale in DHA City. The prices for these farmhouses range from 48,500,000/- PKR 70,000,000/- PKR.

      DHA City Oasis Phase 1 provides lovely 4 Kanal farmhouses. The best aspect of investing in this sector of DHA City is that the transfer cost, which is around PKR 10 lakh, is waived. These farmhouses have a large lawn, a swimming pool, a fully working kitchen, and imported fixtures that give them a modern and contemporary appearance.


     Gadap Town, which is divided into eight union councils, is located on the city’s northwestern outskirts. This area’s most common categories are 2, 4, and 9.7 Kanal. Because this community is spread out over a big area of land, prices can vary significantly based on a variety of criteria such as location and closeness to the city center. If realtors are looking to invest in a farmhouse in Gadap Town, they can avail them at prices ranging from 2,000,000/- PKR to 15,000,000/- PKR.

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