Crunchyroll, a well-known website for manga and anime, conducted research in the third quarter of 2021 to find out the popularity of anime among the Generation Z demographics. According to Alden Mitchell Budill, the Head of Global Partnerships and Content Strategy, it was found out that only 6% do not know anime.

This result is really not surprising because of the advent of technology that people of the current generation have now. The internet explosion has been happening for quite a while now. Information about what is happening in one country can readily be disseminated to other parts of the world with just one click of a button.

Anime has become a trend that will continue to influence Gen Z and the generations after it. Why does Gen Z like anime so much? We now have the answer. Listed below are the reasons why this generation loved anything related to anime.

Why does Gen Z like anime? Here are the reasons:

  1. Anime is unconventional in nature

Anime has been around for some time in Japan. It has consistently gained more viewers among the Japanese and it overflowed to the neighboring cultures, particularly, the Asian countries. And due to its increase in traction, anime has reached the western culture as well.

Anime has a way of presenting the unconventional to the conventional. It mixes the natural to the unnatural. Anime presents characters unique to the worlds that they are put in. This gives the audience the ability to imagine a distinct experience that they will never have somewhere else.

2. Anime is relatable

Although most anime consists of places that are magical and characters that cannot exist in this real world, the behaviors and the emotions behind the protagonists and even the antagonists are somehow relatable. The struggles to be the best, relational challenges, dreams, and aspirations in life – all of these experiences rolled up into anime make the Gen Z watch one anime after another.

3. Anime has merchandise

We cannot hide the fact that anime shows are very marketable. From anime shirts to toys and other collectibles, those who belong to Generation Z would like to get their hands on these tangibles. Anime enthusiasts even line up in front of stores just to buy the latest toys and merch of their favorite anime.

4. Anime is made for all ages

Anime caters to a number of demographics. Particularly, age is not a major factor in watching anime. Some anime even have storylines that cater to older generations. Long gone is the time when animated shows are made just for kids. Gen Z can have a good time watching anime with their friends and family.

5. Anime is easily accessible

In this day and age of the internet, anime can be easily accessed through online media platforms like Netflix or paid website services. They do not have to go to Japan to watch anime. People only need to pay a minimum fee to have full access to anime shows and movies all year.

6. Anime is an art form

When we refer to anime, we do not just talk about the shows themselves. The music, games, and the whole anime aesthetic are also included. Anime Cosplay gives a chance for the fans to create their costumes so that they will look like their beloved anime characters.


Anime is here to stay. It will not just influence this generation but the generations after it. And anime will also continue to evolve. Creators will relate to the culture. Artists will have a version of their references based on current events. And they will advance the whole art of anime just like their predecessors championed this cherished mode of entertainment.

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